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Pollinator Weeks with many events!

National Pollinator Week
Dates: June 17-23, 2019
Location: throughout US

National Insect Week
Dates: June, 2020 (every two years)
Location: throughout UK

Pollinator art is always good to see:

The Art of Beeing
Location: New York, Detroit, Reno, Sacramento, San Francisco, LA, Phoenix, Austin, Nashville, Atlanta, Miami
Artist: Louis Masai Michel
Description: Already known for his bee murals in cities worldwide, this street artist goes on a mural painting tour of the US to highlight species at risk of extinction

Enlightened Bugs
Location: Sisters, Oregon
Artist: Elise Fog
Description: Vibrant bee portraits bring the incredibly varied world of bees to life in the Pollinator Room at Ken Scott’s Imagination Gallery (full disclosure: these are my photos!)

Year-round bee walks:

The Salisbury Bee Trail
Location: Salisbury, UK
Description: Augmented reality bee walk through the city to discover 12 gorgeously illustrated and wonderfully informative bee signs that come to life with the app!

Annual recurring events:

California Honey Festival
Date: May 4th, 2019
Location: Woodland, California

Oregon Honey Festival
Date: May 18th, 2019
Location: Ashland, Oregon

West Seattle Bee Festival
Date: May 18th, 2019
Location: Seattle, Washington

There are also bee and pollinator gardens to see, I’ll be making a list of those to share as I hear about them!

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