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This site is located on a server in the United States. I collect non-personally identifiable information in aggregate, so that I may gauge which content on this website is most helpful, and put my efforts into those areas. I do this using Google Analytics and cookies.

You will also see buttons in the lower left of most pages at the bottom, enabling you to share the page you’re viewing on Twitter or Facebook. I use those networks’ sharing buttons, which rely on scripts run by those companies.

If you wish to opt out of this kind of data collection, I suggest blocking cookies in your browser, and installing an ad-blocker such as Ghostery or Adblock Plus that will let you selectively block Google Analytics, Twitter, and Facebook trackers.

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I use your email address in order to send occasional bee-related email newsletters to you. You may opt out at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the end of any email newsletter you receive from me.

Question submissions

If you have an urgent question about your particular bee situation, I collect certain information to help me help you and your bee, including your email address (required), your question (required), your name/nickname (optional), and your country/locale (optional). Of these, your name/nickname and question are the only things that will be displayed publicly on this website.

I use your email address in order to reply with an answer to your question, and I use your country/locale to help me give you the best answer. For example, it is often vital that I know what time of day it is locally where you live, because that has an impact on what to do for your particular bee. It is also helpful to know your country/locale in order to identify your bee.

I am committed to keeping your information private and secure. My goal is to collect only the information I need in order to respond to your bee questions. I do not (and will never) share your information with other companies.

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