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Thank you for your help spreading the word about saving our pollinators. I began this project around 10 years ago with one simple idea: I felt I could help bees everywhere by connecting people to these vital creatures, and showing exactly what steps anyone anywhere could take to help bees thrive. There are so many little actions that, if everyone took just one or two, would really add up for the world’s bees.

This website now receives over 5,000 visitors weekly, and I sift through information and misinformation to publish the most up-to-date and scientifically-backed knowledge about pollinators and what we can do to help them. I also offer first aid advice to anyone who has found a bee that is struggling and in need of help. I do this to connect people with the highly rewarding experience of personally saving an individual bee, something which often changes folks' perceptions of bees forever. Your support enables all this work directly, and I appreciate donations of any size 🐝💛

—Elise Fog

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I should add that I have no affiliations with any companies or other entities (although I do support the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, because they are doing some amazing work to support pollinators across North America).